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This Toolkit refers to resources in the web which can be used to trigger self-reliance in villages. Hopefully you will see how with minimal intervention, and giving the villages to do their own thing, change can be attempted. Please develop your understanding by watching these six videos and it will point out to hope for the depressed classes in rural India. There will surely be many familiar ideas; what matters is how it is strung together in this scheme.


1. The following brief video is just to remind that there are great energies available in village communities, the present approach generally does not give them adequate credit

The Simple Villager can do wonders (2Min 18Sec)


2. The following video introduces the viewer to the website. As you will see, the website is a self-help tool available on the internet which an activist/leader in a village can use to trigger team-formation and self-government in his village.  


How to use PS website (Time 13:48)



3. The following video is an outcome of the Study tour of Vidarbha by a team From MIT Pune’s School of Government. A diverse team of 8 members ranging from 21 to 45 years of age, all graduates from diverse fields.   

The mandate was to understand why farmers are committing suicide. After the study this video was made to supplement the study report. This video consists of findings of the study including pointers to where the solutions may be available

Despair to hope (Time 25:30)



4a. The farm crisis can be handled not necessarily by the political parties, the bureaucracy or by the social service sectors by themselves; maybe not even together. But along with people it can be a different story. The following Video represents the first of the three-part solution, which highlights the necessity of the spirit of self-government. A truly “free” society/community is one that takes up responsibility for itself.

Action Point 1 of 3 (17 Min  13 Secs)




4b. The next video deals with a second solution the village community must implement of its own desire for freedom. The multi-party system has an unfortunate impact on village leadership, which on the other hand needs a united leadership. The initial ideal emerging from the Constitutional scheme in India was that panchayat elections must be fought on non-party lines, but that is not the case how it has practically evolved now.  So, if a village means well for itself, it should implement a non-party government in the village.

Action point 2 of 3 (23 Min 17 Secs)




4c. The following video deals with a) the problem of Agri/farm crisis, b) the importance of diversification, and c) the importance of Swagrami to (in turn help stimulate diversification, decentralization and self-reliance in villages). Ideally the farmers who had agitated at Delhi must understand these concepts… They must realize that they are fighting an impossible situation, not an impossible Government. Swagrami is the solution, it is the Gandhian action which the situation demands. Swagrami is needed to kick start self-government in Villages.

Action point 3 of 3: Swagrami (21 Min 19 Secs)


Reference and Notes:

1. The book “Rising to Second Freedom: Enlightened minds Ignited spirits” contains the solution in its entirety and can be treated as reference.

2. The opportunities lie in the fact that there are a lot of people who are working creatively at problems and are also doing routine duty—even with their hearts out—but with very little light visible at the end of the tunnel—pushing on regardless. For such people, these ideas, compiled in Panchayati Swaraj, most of which are time-tested, are likely to give new meaning to their efforts.

3. Political workers, grassroots leaders, Government agents, social workers, CSR initiatives … all these can supplement these ideas into their existing strategies.  

4. Swagrami is an opportunity for the Gandhians to raise the stakes and demonstrate the kind of impact Gandhian thought is capable of.

“Let noble thoughts come to us from every side”.

  … RigVeda



Sinduland Genius website




1.      As an intellectual Search for "Six freedoms" and study how they are relevant to your village

2.      As an activist ensure that your village arrives at its "Village swaraj master plan" (with well defined 'projects' and their importance and 'priority' also well defined) which is a part of "Tfhe Milestones to Panchayati Swaraj for my village".


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