6 Vision Freedom
A thriving village community must have a team ‘will’ that is emancipated. This will give it an ability to look forward into the horizon with a sense of positive anticipation and purpose.

For this, the village, as a team, must collectively develop a vision toward realizing something it is destined for, something that the village team will delight in, something that will make it special in its own way, something that is an expression of its nationality, if one may....

The village must first aspire for freedom and self-rule. Besides this, even to give wings to that aspiration of freedom and self-rule, it must pay special attention to three categories of goals that hold special significance.

These three visions collectively developed by a village, through consensus, should be held commonly by the village community as benchmarks for finding fulfillment. Help from external experts may be taken in the process of thrashing out ideas. The resultant vision will act as a guiding light for the decision-makers of the village and an inspiration for all citizens.

Such vision should in no way impede the pursuit of excellence by individuals while at the same time being focused on facilitating excellence at the team level.

6.1 Environmental
A village community must develop and have a futuristic vision about its environment. It must participate positively in the global effort to fight environmental degradation and global warming. The vision must guide its entire decision-making and provide clarity in the minds of the average citizen in the village about this priority. Commitment toward environmental protection must be demonstrated in the great lengths to which the village will go to take care of the environment. Click here for more details.
6.2 Developmental
The village should have extensively discussed and arrived at the rough contours of a plan for the development of the village, thus giving form to the common aspirations of a team. It should include making a list of projects relevant to the better future of the village. The projects should be listed in order of their importance, and all plans and estimates for each project should be in place, waiting only for the exact moment or for suitable resources to make these projects roll. It should pass the same in the Gram Sabha and adapt it as its vision for the future. Click here for more details.
6.3 Contributory
It is important that the village cherish dreams of contributing to the nation and the world. Alternatively, it should patronize individuals and institutions within its boundaries who seek to make such contributions that the village can be proud of. It should look forward to send Olympians, soldiers, administrators, leaders, scientists, etc., in the service of the nation and the world. Click here for more details.
Shani Shinganapur:
Shani Shinganapur, 35 km from Ahmednagar city, Maharashtra; Village houses have no doors. Despite this, no thefts have been reported for a long time. Some very rare exceptions have only recently been reported. The village, though, continues to hold on to the vision. It is a difficult thing to sustain in a shrinking global Village, but sustaining that tradition despite the odds speaks for a vision of a better world. It has its own contributory value to the world at large.
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