1.3 Scheme List
The village should possess a complete list and details of the schemes of the central and state governments which are available for the development of villages and their citizens. Also, once government help is received, the village administration should maintain records of the status of such help being given to the members of the village.
Relevance:         If a village has an up-to-date list of the schemes of the government, it will help the village plan ... well and ensure that the members of the village are benefited. It must also keep an open record of all those who have received such benefits so that everyone is aware. This will ensure fairness in the distribution of such benefits. It will also reduce corruption.
Detailed Rationale:         The prime minister of India once said that only seventeen paisa of a rupee actually ... reaches the beneficiaries. The other money is siphoned off. Very often, this benefit that reaches the villages also goes only to the party workers who are in power and not to the needy. Therefore, instead of providing welfare to the people, this actually helps in the continuation of a political system that is based on corruption. For such a system to give success to politicians, the people must continue to remain dependent. The result is that the system is not very happy to genuinely develop/improve people. This needs to change. When there is transparency and fairness, such benefits will not be on the basis of political loyalties but on the basis of need. People will not become ‘dependent’ on politicians. Rather, they will become ‘independent’ and pursue the highest good. They can vote freely for the best people to lead them. When there is honesty and sincerity in those chosen to rule, it is best for everyone. It is also good for the nation. Such honesty is better for the sake of building our own strengths, our village and our nation. Building on the basis of honesty and sincerity alone can we attain the highest potential. This a necessary condition for the way to true freedom.
Success Stories and Action:
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Most successful villages have used this as a basis for their development. They not only receive funds from the government but also from NGOs. When such data is put up on the village walls, everyone knows who has received what benefit; and it makes it more difficult for politicians to misguide and for opportunists to swindle.

Hiware Baazar:
In this village of Maharashtra too, similar to another success story of Ralegan Siddhi there is stress on transparency on recept of government aid....
Ukhil village in Himachal Pradesh, is a panchayat recognized by awards, it has coordination with line authorities in Government to ensure facilities for the village through relavent schemes. This example shows that computerization of such data is possible and it can be made accessible to everyone in the village.
Akbarpur, Uttar Pradesh, an award winning village has succeeded in computerizing access to apply for Government schemes. Here too, like in the above instance computer access helps in coordinating with government authorities in attracting benefits to the village.
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